Press Release: SOMA condemns shutdown of its member radio, Radio Gedo in Doolow town


Mogadishu, Somalia, 28 June, 2020: Somali Media Association (SOMA) is shocked to learn the closure of yet another media station, Radio Gedo, member of SOMA, based in the town of Doolow by the NISA on 28 June, 2020., the latest in a string of violence against the media stations across Somalia.

Early Sunday Morning, armed forces entered the radio station and ordered the radio management and reporters close the radio station without court orders. The journalists and the management were told that Doolow District commissioner ordered the radio station’s shutdown.
It was not immediately clear reasons behind the shutdown of the radio station.
Somali Media Association’s Secretary General condemned the attack on the Radio Gedo, a member of Somali Media Association (SOMA). and called for the Doolow district commissioner to withdrew his order.
“On behalf of SOMA, I hereby condemn the act which members of the Somali army closed down Radio Gedo, an independent radio station based in Doolow town” Mohamed Abduwahab, SOMA Secretary General said.”Media is vital for the rebuilding of Somalia’s democratic institutions as they inform, entertain and educate the public on matters related to their decision making”
“The authorities should unconditionally allow the radio station to re-start its operations normally.” Mr. Abduwahab added.