SOMA concluded a three – day Safety Training Workshop for 20 journalists in Beledweyne , Hirshabelle Regional State

Beletweyne City, Friday, May 12, 2023: Twenty journalists have completed a three- day Safety Training Workshop conducted in Beletweyne City of Hirshabeelle Regional State of Somalia from 10th to 12th May 2023.


The training which was held at Goodier Restaurant and Cafeteria in Beletweyne city have been participated by twenty journalists, media directors and editors mainly from the media houses operational in the cities of Beletweyne and Bulo-burde.


The training workshop was intended to improve the safety of the journalists when they are designated to operate at the hostile and risky areas situation through training with the media directors and the editors.


The main topics covered during the 3- day training program included Situational Awareness, Risk Assessment, Suicide attacks and IEDs, Security forces and the media and Planning ahead when operating and coverage at dangerous areas.


Mohmed Osman Makaran, Secretary General of the Somali Media Association (SOMA) has urged and advised the media directors and editors attending the training program to closely monitor the security situation of the places before they assign journalists to gather information at the hostile and dangerous areas where mostly double suicide attacks could take place.


The Secretary General of SOMA has further indicated previously Safety trainings programs have been conducted by the association at the cities of Kismayo, Baidoa , Mogadishu , Dhuusamareeb and Jowhar.


He stated the intention with those trainings were to enhance the capacities of media houses through providing safety training programs and safety procedures and Sensitivity related to the election time for media journalists.


Some of the participating journalists pointed out to have comprehended much about the hazardous situations the Somali media and journalists are working with, and have appreciated SOMA for providing them with this significant capacity building program to ensure their safety.


In addition, the participants stated to have benefitted from the Safety training program and praised the facilitators for their smooth facilitation of the training program.


In conclusion, Makaran, the Secretary General of SOMA has thanked IMS/FOJO for making possible the implementation of this safety training program for the Somali media and journalists.

In partnership with IMS/FOJO, the Somali Media Association (SOMA) plans to continue conducting similar training programs in Mogadishu and at other major regional cities of Somalia.