SOMA concludes today a three – day Safety and Conflict Sensitivity Training Workshop in Galkacyo

Galkacayo, October 9, 2018 – Certificates of attendance were distributed to 12 journalists who have successfully completed a three-day Safety and Conflict Sensitivity Training Workshop for the journalists held in Galkacyo City, northern part of Puntland State of Somalia from 7th , 8th and 9th October 2018.

Present at the ceremony for the presentation of certificates to the journalist were Ahmed Esse Gutaale, head of SOMA Training Department and the two trainers/consultants facilitating the training sessions.

The training which was held at Hotel Aljazeera in north of Galacyo city, the fifth of its type have been participated by twelve journalists 8 male and 4 female mainly from eight various Somali media stations including Daljir, SBC, PSF, VOP, Hayan Radio, Voice of Mudug,, radio Galkacyo and SOM News.

The training was part of series of trainings planned for the Somali journalist implemented by SOMA with the support of International Media Support (IMS/FOJO).

The main aim of the training workshop was to improve the capacities of media houses in Galkacyo City through providing safety training programs and safety procedures and conflict sensitivity skills for media journalists.


The main key courses both in practical and theory covered during the 3- day training sessions were: Personal safety, Car safety, Road and Home safety, Conflict Sensitive reporting, need for the safety training, Safety challenges around you, Residential safety, Work place safety , Parking,  Garage, Road and travel and Public transport

Some of the Directors of the media stations participating in the opening session of the training pointed out that the safety training program was a priority need at this stage when Puntland is in preparation for elections, and is being conducted at the right time.

During the training sessions, some of the participating journalists from North and South Galkacyo that are under Galmdug and Puntland States has been exchanging with their colleagues information and experience they had achieved during working with the media.

Some of the journalists indicated that the two sides of Galkacyo has been exchanging offensive propaganda through the media, and as result of the efforts by the journalists the abusive exchange has decreased, they said if the journalists do not receive better skills and training, this type of trading insults could happen again.


The four female journalists attending in the training has expressed that they needed most this type of training on the safety and conflict sensitive reporting from areas where conflicts are prevailing.

In his closing remarks, Farhan Abdi Gaafaa , Deputy Commissioner of Galkacyo District of Puntland has commended the Somali Media Association (SOMA) for conducting such training .

“Similar training has not reached Galkacyo and this caused words of tension and conflicts to be exchanged through the media, and from now on, preliminary change will come as result of the training , and the media will lead broadcasting stories supporting the peace initiatives and the peaceful reintegration of the community.” Mr. Gaafaa said.

In conclusion, some of the journalists pointed out there are other journalists working at their media houses that have not got the opportunity to attend in similar training , and requested SOMA and other related partners to increase conducting similar trainings at Galkacyo City.

Mr. Burhan Addeysay, member of MAP and one of the dignitaries attending in the session said training on elections, conflicts reporting and safety of journalists are most priorities needs at present for the journalists in Galkacyo City.