SOMA Expressed Concern over How Somali Forces Treated Journalists

he Somali Media Association (SOMA) is concerned over the political crises prevailing within the leadership of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia, which has further complicated the work and the media operations and the lives of the citizens. The Somali Media Association (SOMA) is deeply worried about how the army has treated the journalists who were trying reporting the information and data related with the political instability.

The public are waiting from the media for information and data on what is happening in the country, why it’s happening and the parties involved, searching and responding to the needs of the public for information needs a particular responsibility, for that reason, SOMA with open heart is requesting the government institutions, especially the sectors of the army to respect the media and their staff who are carrying out their social obligations.

The Somali Media Association (SOMA) who has provided good training to many journalists currently working at many media house centers is expecting the journalists and the Directors of the media centers to practice the skills and knowledge they had gained from those trainings.

On the other hand, the Somali Media Association (SOMA) advices all the journalists and media house centers to practice the self regulation procedure to be used when there are major events taking place relating with governance and political to reduce the possible consequences arising from the instability and political conflicts.

The Somali Media Association (SOMA) is suggesting the media and the journalists to take their role courageously; and play their public media role; SOMA is concerned over the spread of the fake news, which causes a situation of misleading and political upheaval for the community.

In conclusion, SOMA is calling all the various media managers to show responsibility to avoid any problems that might attract damage for the media operations.