SOMA general assembly takes place in Mogadishu

In close coordination with IMS-FOJO, the Somali Media Network – Network 2013 – organized and conducted a two-day General Assembly for its 38 union of radio stations members on 21st and 22nd May 2016 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Twenty nine members consisting of media owners and Media Directors from the Somali Media Network 2013 in Mogadishu and other regional media outlets from Abudwaq, Adado, Baidoa, Dhuusamareeb, Garowe , Hiran and Jowhar of Somalia were the main participants in the annual General Assembly meeting.

During the General Assembly meeting, The Network 2013 members shared information on the main achievements and challenges since the last meeting of the association held last year.

The General Assembly also discussed gender issue in journalism, content sharing proposal, approved strategic planning 2016/2018, reviewed and approved its new constitution of twenty articles , approved last year’s financial statement and elected new governing team for the Somali Media Network 2013.

The major events achieved during General Assembly meeting was officially changing  the name of the Somali Media Network 2013 to Somali Media Association (SOMA), and new logo for the association was adopted.

During the General Assembly meeting, a new governing team for SOMA were elected  that were  Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Ali Koshin from Radio Daljir as the Chairperson, , Mr. Mohamed Abduwahab from Radio Risaale, as Deputy Chairperson and Mr. Ismail Sheikh Khalifa as the Secretary General for the Somali Media Association.

A seven-member Executive Committee was also elected to manage and decide on the important issues for the Association. The new Executive Committee are:-

  1. Abdullahi Hassan Black from Radio Iftin
  2. Abdifatah Moalim Nur from Radio Xurmo
  3. Ahmed Isse Gutaale from Radio Dhuusamareeb
  4. Mohamed Makaraan from Radio Hiranweyn
  5. Mohamed Abukar Assair from Radio Jowhar
  6. Mohamud Mohamed Khaire from Radio Baidao
  7. Abdikarim Ahmed Bulhan from Radio Abudwaq

Furthermore, the General Assembly has unanimously approved the application of eight new media houses to join in as members in the Somali Media Association (SOMA), and the new members are Radio Hiddo, Radio Himilo, Radio FM –Sports, Radio Ogaal,Radio Haatuf in Mogadishu and Radio Afgoye in Lower Shabelle region, Radio Markabley in Gedo region and Radio Adaado in Galmudug region.