SOMA conducts safety protocol workshop for media managers in Mogadishu

In partnership with the United Nation Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Somali Media Association (SOMA) has implemented one-day training workshop on Safety Protocol in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The training workshop held at Makkah Al Mukaramah Hotel in Mogadishu on August 25, 2016 was part of the program on strengthening the Media Houses and their Media Workers members of the Somali Media Network operating in Mogadishu.

Ten targeted media managers and journalists comprising of five male and five female from the various sectors of the media houses were the key participants In the training program.

The Safety Protocol training workshop was aimed to provide knowledge and skills on generic safety protocols of media managers and journalists Mogadishu and improve their capacity which is necessary for conflict sensitivity reporting, and reporting accurate and impartial news for the Somali public.

The training workshop covered key topics including what risks the Somali media is facing and steps to minimize risks to journalists.

The other topics the participants learned was what is safety protocol, the need to respect the International Code of Practice for the safe conduct of Journalism.

The 12 principals of safety and security for Somali media safety protocol translated into Somali version was also introduced to the media manages and journalists attending the training workshop sessions.

The media managers and journalists attending the session appreciated UNESCO for giving them the opportunity of attending the important safety protocol workshop which will eventually contribute to promoting the safety and protection of the Somali journalists.