FOJO Institute

About Fojo International

Fojo is Sweden’s leading media development centre for professional journalists. The institute started in 1972 and is now part of the Linnaeus University with a special commission to support free and independent media, nationally and internationally.

Over the years, Fojo has trained 50 000 journalists from more than 90 countries.

Since 1991, Fojo has been engaged in international media support and has capacitated journalists, media houses and media institutes in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the MENA region as well as Eastern and Central Europe.

2015 Fojo is coordinating long-term projects supporting professional, free and independent media in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, Tibet, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Foto: Karl NilssonFojo has a permanent staff of around 20 persons, including project managers all with journalistic backgrounds. Fojo also employs some 70-80 experts on project-basis as trainers and managers of national and international media-supporting activities.

The institute has from the start consciously developed a participatory, democratic and process-oriented approach in all media development activities, based on local ownership and a partnership approach when engaging internationally.

Fojo Media Institute is at the heart of media development, with a core competence in individual and institutional capacity building. However, Fojo’s contributions are always based on strategic decisions, coordinating with different partners in order to achieve an optimal impact