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SomaConsultation Meeting for the Ongoing Constitution.lia South-Central Non-State Actors (SOSCENSA) was established in early 2008, in order to provide a formal and legitimate NSAs structure, therefore, creating additional space for civil society and private sectors to influence policy formulation dialogue, between the state and non-state actors, on issues of com
mon ground including: peace building, security and development.

SOSCENSA platform has sixty (60) different sector and geographical based organizations operating across the eleven (11) regions of South Central Somalia.

Dual Role and Mandate:

Non State Actors play dual role as partners in dialogue processes and also as service providers, in the implementation of programs.

as a multi-sector NSA platform, influences national and international Policy-making dialogue, as part of its mandate, in order to find appropriate solutions, in an inclusive manner and to outstanding existing social problems.

SOSCENSA platform can do what individual members cannot do, by bringing together broad cross sections of non-state actors, which speak with one voice on a given issue.  The platform gives a combined weight to those that would not always have their voices heard at the policy level.

SOSCENSA has built good links and relations with National and International community and plays an important coordination and builds bridging role between non-state actors and decision makers.