SOMA has launched Electronic Booklet Guideline for protecting journalists from the risk of Covid-19

Mogadishu – Somalia 16 September 2020: The Somali Media Association (SOMA) has launched electronic booklet guideline on Covid-19 for distribution to all its media houses and journalists operational in all over the regions of Somalia.

The booklet guideline on Covid -19 developed in partnership with IMS-FOJO contains internationally recognized guidelines of WHO, UNESCO, CPJ and RSF.

The main aim is to provide appropriate guidelines for protecting journalists from the risk of Covid-19 during performing their professional reporting tasks.

The Somali Media Association (SOMA) has engaged two experts (media and communication expert and medical expert) in the field of medicine and communication in the development of the journalist guideline on Covid -19. The two experts has compiled the globally recognized guidelines and eventually produced suitable guidelines for the Somali journalists and media on Covid-19 reporting.

The journalist guideline booklet on Covid- 19 is mainly focusing on the key contents: Brief information on Covid-19, Journalists information need on Covid-19, how easy Covid-19 spreads, let the journalist know who is vulnerable to Covid-19, prevention instructions against Covid-19, myth about   Covid-19, your journalism profession, be careful of Covid-19 and the challenges.

SOMA thanks so much IMS-FOJO for supporting Journalists and media houses.