SOMA Commenced Safety and Conflict Sensitivity reporting training workshop in Jowhar City

Jowhar, Wednesday November 20, 2019: in partnership with IMS/FOJO, The Somali Media Association (SOMA) has organized and commenced today the first day of three -day safety training workshop in Jowhar city, Hirshabelle State.

Journalist from Beledweyne City, Jowhar city and Balad city of Hirshabelle State were the key participants in the 3-day training program.

Abshir Addow Hirabe, Deputy Governor for Security, Salah Mudey Ali, District Commissioner of Jowhar city, Mohamed Ahmed Farah Kolombo, State Minister of Information and Mohamed Hassan Kulmiye , Director General of the Ministry of Information has participated in the official opening of the workshop.

In his speech, Abukar Albadri representing IMS/FOJO expressed how he is pleased to take part in the opening session of the training program and explained the significance of the workshop implemented in partnership of IMS/FOJO and SOMA. He has appreciated the authorities from Hirshabelle State for attending in the official launching of the workshop.

Mohamed Abduwahab, the SOMA Secretary General pointed out the journalists attending in the workshop are from the cities of Beledweyne, Jowhar and Balad. He appreciated IMS/FOJO for the valuable support in the implementation of the training program.

He has also thanked the Hirshabelle authorities for participating in launching the training program.

The Secretary General detailed the significance of the training for the journalists since its dealing with the safety of the journalist in the context of Somalia, especially for the journalist in the regional states that mostly have not received opportunities for training program.

“I expect that you will benefit from the lessons focusing on the safety of the journalist that will be facilitated by experts lead by Abukar Albadri, ” Mohamed Abdiwahab, the SOMA Secretary General said.

Mohamed Abukar Aseyr, one of the media Directors present at the opening session have indicated they are well receiving the training program and said it’s the first time this type of training is held in Jowhar city.

“Speaking on behalf of the media managers in Hirshabelle State, particularly in Jowhar city , I confirm this training is the first of its type to be conducted in Jowhar city.” Mohamed Abukar Asseyr, Media Director mentioned.

Mohamed Ahmed Farah Kolombo, State Minister of Information has officially declared the workshop open while appreciating IMS/FOJO and SOMA for conducting the training in Jowhar city mentioning that the journalists in Hirshabelle State are in need for such capacity building program and stated as Ministry of Information they are well receiving such initiative.

The workshop is part of series of trainings planned for the Somali journalist implemented by SOMA with the support of International Media Support (IMS/FOJO).

The main aim of the training workshop is to improve the capacities of journalist and the media houses in Somalia through providing safety training programs and safety procedures and conflict sensitivity skills for media journalists, one of the key course include Personal and Work safety, Risk Assessment, Vehicle and Travel Safety, Role and responsibilities of the journalist.
Furthermore, conducting capacity building programs on elections, conflicts reporting and safety of journalists are most priorities needs at present for most of the journalists in Somalia.