SOMA concluded a three – day Safety Training Workshop for 20 journalists in Jowhar City

Jowhar City , Friday, November 22, 2019: Twenty journalists have received certificates of attendance today after completing a three- day Safety Training Workshop conducted in Jowhar City, the capital of Hirshabelle Regional State of Somalia from 20th to 22nd November 2019.

Present at the ceremony for the presentation of certificates to the journalist were Abdiweli Mohamud Abdi , Minister of Information of Hirshabelle State, Mohamed Hassan Kulmiye , Director General of the Ministry of Information, Abukar Albadri, Coordinator IMS/FOJO, Mohamed Abduwahab, SOMA Secretary General and Ahmed Esse Gutaale, head of SOMA training Department.

The training which was held at Hotel Badar in Jowhar City, the sixth of its type have been participated by twenty journalists mainly from different media stations operational in Hirshabelle State including Radio Jowhar, City FM, Asal Radio, Radio Heals, Universal TV, SBC, Somcable TV, SNTV, Horn Connect , Ministry of Information of Hirshabelle, Radio Beledweyne and Radio Balad.

The main aim of the training workshop was to improve the capacities of media houses in Hirshabelle Regional State through providing safety training programs and safety procedures and Sensitivity related to the election time for media journalists.


The key courses covered during the 3- day training course were: Situational Awareness, Civil unrest, Risk Assessment, Vehicle Safety and Travel, Personal and workplace security, Digital Security, Suicide attacks and IEDs, Security forces and the media, Accommodation Safety and Security, Planning, Medical: Trauma First Aid and Sensitivity related to the election time.


Some of the Directors of the media stations participating in the opening session of the training pointed out that the safety-training program was a priority need at this stage.


During the training sessions, some of the participating journalists from various locations of Hirshabelle State has been exchanging with their colleagues information and experience they had achieved during working with the media.


In closing remarks, Abdiweli Mohamud Abdi , Minister of Information of Hirshabelle State expressed gratitude to SOMA media managers and journalists for participating this significant training workshop, and appreciated IMS/FOJO for promoting the capacity of SOMA member Media managers and journalists to further strengthen their role in promoting safety training course, be aware of and avoid life threatening risks that could arise.

Mohamed Hassan Kulmiye , Director General of the Ministry of Information requested the participants in the workshop to share what they learned with their colleagues that have not got this opportunity, respect the ethics of journalism and apply what they have learned in their practical journalism tasks.

Ahmed Esse Guutaale, Head Training Department of SOMA pointed out the training on conflicts reporting and safety of journalists and training on elections are most priorities needs at present for the journalists in Somalia. He mentioned the training on safety was delivered at the appropriate time, however, there is need for conducting training on elections.

Mr. Mohamed Abdiwahab, the SOMA Secretary General has appreciated Hirshabelle Regional State , especially the Ministry of Information for encouraging the training program. He thanked IMS/FOJO for funding the training program and advised the journalists to adopt what they have learned from this rare training opportunity.


Abukar Albadri, Coordinator IMS/FOJO indicated that the Somali journalists working in Somalia are significantly in need to receive safety training workshop for the journalist. He thanked SOMA for building the capacity and protection of the journalists, and appreciated Hirshabelle State authorities for hosting this important training program.


Some of the participants in the safety-training workshop mentioned that they have taken advantage of the Safety training program in both theory and practical commending the facilitators for their smooth facilitation of the training program


In conclusion, the journalists participating in the safety training workshop have received certificates and First Aid Kit materials presented to them by Abdiweli Mohamud Abdi , Minister of Information of Hirshabelle State.