SOMA concluded a three –day General Assembly Meeting in Mogadishu


Mogadishu , Tuesday , 31 August 2021: in partnership with IMS/FOJO, The Somali Media Association (SOMA) has organized and concluded today the third day of three -day General Assembly meeting at Sahafi Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The Meeting has been in progress from 29th, 30th and 31st August 2021.

The meeting which was the 6th gathering for the member media houses of the Somali Media Association (SOMA) opened up in Mogadishu; and has been participated by 32 member media centers of the association.

The main participants of the General Assembly meeting were mainly media owners and directors of SOMA Media houses operational in Mogadishu and other regional areas including Adado, Dolow, Bardhere, Baidoa, Afgoye, Barava , Wanla- Weyn, Kismayo, Guriel, Dhuusamareeb, Galkacyo, Bosaso, Garowe , Beleteweyne , Jowhar and Balad of Somalia.

In addition, invited guests from the Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ), Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS), Women Media Network (WMN), Somalia Women Journalists (SWJ) and the Ministry of Information were among the key participants in attendance of the opening session for the first day of the meeting.

The main key agenda for the meeting held once in every three years included: review of the association’s achievements and challenges, presentation and discussion of the safety protocol, review of the content sharing program and the way forward.

The gathering has also focused on review and discussion of SOMA Advocacy strategy and election of new management team that will lead the association for the next three years.

In his opening remarks, Mohamed Osman Makaran, the Chairman of SOMA has welcomed the members from the thirty –two SOMA Media houses operational in Mogadishu and in all the five regional states of Somalia and the invited guests.

He appreciated IMS/FOJO for supporting implementation of the GA meeting, which is platform to exchange of information related with the program activities for developing the media and the journalists and electing new management team.

“For the past three years, SOMA has interlinked between the communities in the various regions through the Content Sharing program. The Content Sharing Program has been produced and broadcasted throughout SOMA member media stations across Somalia, which as result paved the way for all the communities are informed of their livelihood situations.” Mohamed Abduwahab, SOMA Secretary General stated.

During the last day of the GA meeting, the key issues focused on included the implementation of the safety protocol, review of SOMA Advocacy Strategy and enhancement of the content sharing program. As result, 12 new media houses, 2 from each of the five regional states and Mogadishu were selected including 6-member team to engage in the production, transmission and monitor the smooth implementation of the program.

Furthermore, a session for fair process of electing new SOMA governing team for the next three years has been conducted, and as result Hilal Sheikh Shuceyb, Director of Radio Warsan has been elected as Chairman, Ahmed Omar, Director of Radio Markabley, as Deputy Chairman and Mohamed Osman Makaran, Director of Radio Hiran Weyn, Beletweyne as Secretary General.

In conclusion, Mohamed Abduwahab , the former SOMA Secretary General has congratulated the new incoming leaders and urged them to make valuable efforts to further enhance the association.

“Without the support of IMS/FOJO, SOMA, s achievements would not have been possible, this GA meeting would not have taken place. We appreciate for their valuable cooperation.” Mohamed Abduwahab, former SOMA Secretary General stated in his closing remarks
Furthermore, he thanked UNDP and UNESCO for their partnership with SOMA during his tenure as Secretary General.
The meeting has been concluded with distribution of SOMA membership certificates as appreciation for their efforts towards improving the Somali media houses and journalist.