SOMA concluded training on safety of journalists and election coverage for journalists in Beledeweyne city , Hirshabelle State


 Beledweyne City, Hirshabelle State, Somalia, December 3,  2021: The Somali Media Association (SOMA)  concluded three-day training workshop for 25 journalists on safety of journalists and election coverage in Beledweyne city, Hirshabelle State.  The journalists participating in the training were from the various areas of Hirshabell State


The training conducted in partnership with IMS-FOJO has been held from December 1st – 3rd , at in Beledweyne city, Hirshabelle State. The training focused on safety of journalists and election coverage.


Trainers from the Somali Media Association (SOMA) were facilitating the training program that was delivered to the journalists to enhance their capacities in safety of journalists and the skills for professional election reporting.


Ahmed Esse Guutaale, head of SOMA Training Department pointed out the training had the advantage relating with improving the skills of the Somali journalists operational in Hirshabelle State. He called all the participants to share what they have learned with the other journalists that have not the opportunity to take part in this type of training program.


Some of the participating journalists have indicated they benefited much from the training, and have appreciated the Somali Media Association (SOMA) for conducting this capacity building program.


“The training came at a time when the journalists in Hirshabelle State are greatly in need for this type of training and at a time when the Parliamentary elections are in process.” Mohamed Osman Makraan, Secretary General of SOMA said.


Furthermore,  Mohamed Osman Makaraan, SOMA Secretary General has called the government and the regional state authorities to protect the freedom of expression, and indicated since the Somali media is going through one of the busiest electoral days the journalists to be given access to the polling stations to cover the elections for serving the public.


SOMA in partnership with IMS-FOJO has been conducting similar training programs related to the safety of journalists and election reporting for the journalists operating at the various regional states of Somalia.


In conclusion, certificates of attendance have been distributed to all the 25 journalists participating in three –day  training workshop sessions that have been successfully concluded at that stage.