SOMA conducted workshop on the role of Journalists

Mogadishu, January 13, 2019 – Somali journalists from various media stations attended in one-day training workshop organized and conducted by the Somali Media Association (SOMA).

The training workshop has been held at Makkah Almukaramah Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia Sunday, January 13, 2019.

The training workshop which was focusing on the role of Journalists has been participated by twenty two journalists from different media stations including radio Star FM, Radio Risaala, Ciyaaraha FM, SBC TV, Radio Himilo, Radio Kulmiye News Network, Radio Adado, Mustaqbal Radio, Tusmo TV and members from SOMA,

Mr. Said Haga a veteran media trainer from the Media Link organization has facilitated the training workshop.

The training was part of series of trainings planned for the Somali journalist implemented by SOMA to further improve the capacity of the Somali Journalists.

The main aim of the training workshop was to improve the role of the journalist through exchange of information and interaction workshop session.


The main key points covered included: what is the role of the journalist, behavior and responsibilities towards the community, the independence for freedom of expression.

The key points discussed included the work of the journalist to be based on the media laws and ethics. The relationship between the journalist and the media was also raised.

The workshop session highlighted the main role and tasks of the   journalist which was described to be : to feel sense of obligation towards the community, transfer accurate information, be impartial, gather information interesting for the community, transfer in simple and understandable language, to be good communicator , to entertain, to educate, community awareness raising , editing and creativity.

The issue relating with the role of the journalist was further discussed and described as: the journalists is required to transfer information through radio forum debates and talks shows on important social issues, serve as bridge between the public and the government; ensuring government accountability of its pledges for the community, present cases of power abuses, to give voice to the voiceless and be central part for freedom of expression.

Thereafter, a short video on the job of the reporter was presented detailing the reporter should study carefully the news event for transmission, deliver news and stories, and produce interviews and observations.

Then, the important issue on the use of the social media has been raised and discussed during the workshop session. The session highlighted the person using the social media should be responsible and objective and follow strictly the terms of reference set out for the use of the social media, otherwise, in future, that person could be held accountable for any misuse of the social media.

In closing speech, Mohamed Abduwahab, the Secretary General of SOMA appreciated the journalist for attending the workshop and expected to have taken advantage from the workshop.

He asked the participating journalist to share what they have learned with their colleagues that have not got the opportunity to attend in this workshop sessions.